FantasySalesTeam (FST) is a form of gamification software. This is where elements of games are applied to non-gaming situations; in this case, creating sales contests through fantasy leagues to increase sales, motivation and team engagement.

FST preview is included as a Preferred Solution, which means that action is required by your CRM admin to activate it and it sits as a separate entity within CRM. Anyone with a Professional or Enterprise license can install and use the preview at no cost.

Who is it for?

FantasySalesTeam is definitely aimed at businesses with a larger sales team, as you need to have enough Sales ‘players’ to make the game worthwhile. We would recommend about 10 or more sales staff but there are no restrictions so long as the sales members have Professional CRM licenses.

If you wish to have happy, motivated and engaged team; it is for you. Most companies would always be happy to improve sales areas, so it could be worth taking advantage of now as it is at no extra cost to your CRM licenses.

How it works?

To access FantasySalesTeam, your CRM admin needs to activate it. Once FST is enabled for your CRM and you are all registered you can set up the games via the FST website (not in CRM). You will be welcomed with their ‘Playbook’ which is a set of comprehensive and easy to follow videos – these are brilliant and give simple step-by-step instructions, so anyone could set up the games without any training or technical knowledge.


To start, you need to import your players. This data is automatically pulled in from your CRM and you can filter based on what licenses users have. Only those with Professional licenses can be Players but anyone can be a ‘Fan’ (basically a spectator) – including people outside of your organisation! You can go on to assign roles, such as Sales Managers, Sales Assistants, or roles outside of Sales.

Next, you create your first game! Add the name (which can be changed later) and chose what type of game model you will have. Individual contests may be worth considering for a very small sales team, but the whole aim of FST is to encourage team-based competition, which has been proven to have the best results.


  • Proven to drive better sales results

  • Motivates the whole team and not just individuals

  • Encourages teamwork

  • Higher engagement than other sales contests

  • Increases CRM user adoption

  • Allows simple measurement and reporting

  • Ability to choose your own metrics to make it tailored to your business

  • Automates sales contests to save time and resources

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